Ecommerce Dashboard

Key Metrics

Welcome to our comprehensive Ecommerce Dashboard, built with Power BI, designed to provide in-depth insights into key performance metrics. This powerful tool is essential for understanding and improving your ecommerce business operations.

Detailed Insights

Revenue by Platform:

  • App: $14.65M (39.26%)
  • Web: $22.67M (60.74%)

Revenue by Device Type:

  • Desktop: $15M
  • App: $13M
  • Mobile Web: $10M

Revenue by Region:

  • US: $16.31M (43.69%)
  • CA: $21.02M (56.31%)

Revenue by Funnel:

  • Category Page: $16.35M
  • Visits: $15.84M
  • Product Page: $2.94M
  • Cart: $1.98M
  • Buy: $0.19M (1.2%)

Revenue by Month-Year:

  • January: $43.29M
  • February: $48.30M
  • March: $51.75M
  • April: $37.33M
  • May: $13.62M

Weekly Revenue Breakdown:

  • Detailed weekly revenue performance to identify trends and peak periods.

This dashboard is fully interactive, allowing you to engage with your data in real-time. Whether you need to drill down into specific metrics or view overarching trends, our Ecommerce Dashboard provides the insights you need to make informed, data-driven decisions.

By leveraging our tailored Power BI solutions, you can transform your raw data into actionable insights, driving your business forward. Join our community of data enthusiasts and take the first step towards mastering your data today!


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